So I’m gonna use tumblr as a journal

Yeah, that’s right. I’ve decided to use tumblr as a journal.. Put it to some good use. Well to start off my journal, I’ll talk about my past day.

-DAY 1
So it was the first day of school for most kids here in the keys. I’m homeschooled, so I don’t really ever get to have that first day experience.. Kinda sad, but oh well. I played at sloppyjoes and that was the same as usual. Alright crowd, good food, and it’s off season so I don’t expect much anyways.

After the show we went home and I got caught up with my dad. He wasn’t happy with me, mainly because of a few things that had happened recently, and that they think I’m selfish.. I could go on about that.. but long story short, mom cursed at me (not normal) and I haven’t been doing this bible course the whole group is pushing me to do.

I know it’ll be good for me but it’s really boring and time consuming. I’m not gonna complain too much about anything because my parents are kind of always right. And my punishment for disappointing people is my car keys being taken away for a week.

I wanted to drive to key west with my camera and get cinematic footage of the town for my portfolio (trying to get into wedding video business). Instead, I’m stuck in big pine with no car privileges, and honestly, big pine isn’t worthy of outdoor footage. I could write on and on but if anyone reads this, I don’t want to take too much of their time. I’ll see you tomorrow. Later